Episode 729: Tony Havics, Cheri Marcham, Jack Springston – ACGIH Bioaerosols Assessment and Control

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Episode 729: Tony Havics, Cheri Marcham, Jack Springston – ACGIH Bioaerosols Assessment and Control

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Show Resources: 12:17:40 From Alfred Hall S23 FE 0 : What is the name of the book?
12:20:10 From Scott Armour : I see patients almost daily - and I assure you that the attitude adopted in 2020 remains - there is no change - the Anti-Covid crowd remains anti...
12:20:28 From Scott Armour : They still hate respirators, they hate Fauci, they hate CDC
12:21:05 From Scott Armour : OR they are amazed that people have these attitudes and feel sorry for them - or are angered that pale don’t believe real-world science. - as we say, The industry Body of Knowledge is clear
12:22:16 From Scott Armour : people* don’t believe...
12:24:19 From Paula Schenck : Jack is so correct! Yes although Legionela is reportable. it may not be first recognized so often goes undetected
12:25:16 From Scott Armour : Question to the Editors/authors: What are the important aspects of this version for the serious Industrial Hygienist /Enviro Health scientist? What should be implemented first and what will lead to changes in our work?
12:27:13 From Scott Armour : LOL You’re welcome!
12:28:22 From Scott Armour : that is critical to get across- IF sampling is expected to be useful.. that might be the overall theme for our industry to TEACH to all those who rely on us
12:31:26 From Paula Schenck : If the reason for sampling is to address the environment to reduce health concerns, does it matter what agent in the specific biota/ biological soup is the cause??? Pragmatically.. no.
12:33:38 From Kishor Khankari : What about indoor airflow patterns and the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in assessing spread of airborne pathogens. Is this mentioned in the book.
12:35:02 From Paula Schenck : Biocides can be a problem to the individual with symptoms----
12:36:10 From Scott Armour : This book exemplifies the depth and breadth of the Industrial Hygiene and environmental health science profession. it provide irrefutable evidence that this industry needs our leadership more than ever. In some areas, we have been sidelined and even negated by several of the more active sub-disciplines that should be relying upon us, including many people in professional organizations that represent the restoration industry and the mold-illness community.
12:51:53 From Ralph Froehlich : How about mycotoxin testing, is it recommended?
12:53:07 From Mike : Take humidifiers out if your home
12:54:20 From davidmiller : JoeEndotoxin is one word for thousands of compounds depending on the source of gram negative
12:54:32 From davidmiller : bacteria.
12:54:33 From Scott Armour : Can I quote you Jack?
12:54:34 From Scott Armour : lol
12:54:44 From davidmiller : Jack you are too kind
12:56:01 From Scott Armour : Congratulations Cheryl and Jack! This is a seminal publication (again!). And thanks to Tony (and J David M) and the many other contributors for providing the irrefutable voice of science…
12:57:44 From Mike : Amen, Jack from a CAS - Certified Air Sucker…
12:57:46 From Paula Schenck : Also Jack's comment is generally true considering mycotoxin biomonitoring in these situations! Thank you for all your work!
12:58:47 From Scott Armour : Reacted to "JoeEndotoxin is one ..." with 👍
12:59:09 From Scott Armour : Reacted to "Take humidifiers out..." with 👎
13:01:56 From Mike : Mcguinness
13:02:12 From Radio Joe : Reacted to "Mcguinness" with 😂
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Re: Episode 729: Tony Havics, Cheri Marcham, Jack Springston – ACGIH Bioaerosols Assessment and Control

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I missed a few of the comments while doing the interview. We had a lively and knowledgeable live audience for this show. Looking forward to the Z-Man's blog. I want to thank our guests Tony, Cheri and Jack for joining us and for their hard work on this document. I also want to thank all the other contributors. We will be doing more interviews on specific chapters starting with Dr. J. David Miller on May 31. Looking forward to his discussion of several excellent chapters including secondary metabolites a new chapter that gives us the latest on mycotoxins, glucans, VOC's etc.
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