Episode 643: Robert Bean, FASHRAE - The Edifice Complex, IAQ, HVAC, Building Science & COVID

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Episode 643: Robert Bean, FASHRAE - The Edifice Complex, IAQ, HVAC, Building Science & COVID

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12:05:37 From cliff zlotnik : trivia- name both the inventor of a toy modeled after a construction method used to build the earthquake proof imperial hotel in Japan and the toy he invented?
12:26:08 From Bruce White : Frank Lloyd Wright
12:27:05 From cliff zlotnik : Bruce close, it was actually his son John, question was answered by Vic Cafaro
12:27:32 From cliff zlotnik : Lincoln logs is the toy
12:28:02 From Bruce White : 👍🏻
12:28:06 From Tom Phillips, Davis, CA : re IEQ guidelines, including thermal comfort and climate adaptation, see CHPS.net criteria for schools
12:28:33 From Danny Gough : Robert’s new ASHRAE 55 metric - PPP…..Percentage of People Pissed.
12:29:19 From scott armour : Imho, my experience, the “problem” with any green/healthy/sustainable building guide/program is the misuse by the people claiming they are “certified” or trained in it! They usually only know the 8 hr class info! “Just enough” to pass the exam!
12:29:43 From Tom Phillips, Davis, CA : std 55 is only for 80% satisfaction of healthy adults.
12:29:45 From scott armour : The programs mean well, good intentions. The field implementation is the failure point.
12:30:28 From Tom Phillips, Davis, CA : and usually based on old, average weather data
12:30:31 From scott armour : Robert is so correct - the “experts” ignore the recommendations on how to do it all right
12:31:59 From scott armour : — One of the worst building contractors I ever worked with was actually environmentally sensitive (mold illness/inflammation) ; even his wife wanted things “healthy” - And he boasted he was about to get his WELL cert, BUT at the same time he refused to follow one recommendation we gave him - for building performance, air quality, thermal, particulate control and even his employee safety! It Was embarrassing - BUT it was perfect example of how the industry is unregulated and under-qualified. And how ego (or “confidence”) gets in the way… I fear for his future customers!
12:32:50 From scott armour : haha… questions? Robert is answering things before the questions come up - He is excellent at anticipating!
12:34:33 From scott armour : Critical Thinking? We don’t need no stinking Critical Thinking!
12:35:03 From Danny Gough : “Critical thinking has vaporized.” I love it.
12:35:28 From Tom Phillips, Davis, CA : new chamber study does show gender difference in thermal response. I think that was besides menopause effects.
12:36:20 From Tom Phillips, Davis, CA : Critical Health Theory is verboten
12:38:36 From scott armour : BUT, while UV “can” work, 90% of sales are for situations and applications where it makes absolutely no difference! Because it’s sales and profit-based product
12:39:20 From scott armour : “The zippy stuff”….
12:39:58 From Tom Phillips, Davis, CA : Robert: For building decarbonization and resilience, what's your take on fabric first (energy efficiency) vs Heat pumps, PV etc first ? Europe is taking former approach in general
12:42:19 From Ed Light : UV inactivates virus and there is some verification for its effectiveness in healthcare settings. I haven't been able to find any verification for how well it actually controls SARS-2 in IAQ settings. Furthermore, there's no epidemiology showing UV prevents COVID transmission. Am I missing something??
12:43:18 From scott armour : Ed - nope! You’re not missing anything. I have found the #1 problem in all the covid “answers” is they all ignore transmission! No evidence. Lots of assumptions (most based on incomplete or incorrect science)
12:44:54 From scott armour : Except the basics of IH - masking, distancing…we know illness increases after unmasked high-density gatherings… right?
12:45:35 From scott armour : e.g., finding evidence of a virus in an air duct is NOT evidence for risk of transmission, right?
12:45:37 From Ed Light : re: clothing vs comfort. One of my most memorable IAQ complaint inspections involved a large office bay at the NIH where the chiller had failed and some employees were working at their desk in bathing suits!
12:45:51 From scott armour : LOL - Ed, that’s great!
12:48:51 From Tom Phillips, Davis, CA : waste heat is also important but usually ignored
12:48:55 From scott armour : Robert, what about retrofits? We see so many buildings with enough failure points it becomes too expensive - but a priority list helps solve some problems - I try to recommend “biggest bang for the buck” ranking… What are your favorite big-bang-for-the-buck retrofits?
12:54:56 From Tom Phillips, Davis, CA : how do recommend addressing increasing cooling loads and extremes heat in N America et al. in the near term and beyond
12:55:53 From scott armour : YES! So glad to hear your answer “seal up the building”
12:56:10 From scott armour : W/no hesitation!
12:56:35 From scott armour : thank you
12:56:42 From Ayuba John Bassa : Thanks for impacting me guys.
13:01:02 From Tom Phillips, Davis, CA : what's future heating vs cooling loads in Winnepeg? will.probsbly need more shading plus other passive measures. AND overheating assessments in integrated design up front
13:03:03 From scott armour : Thank You
13:03:09 From Danny Gough : Thanks Robert.
13:04:04 From Ed Light : The airborne COVID advocates have gone to the other extreme. By their advocacy of maximizing ventilation and filtration, they are ignoring the epidemiology, which shows that control of nearby spread should be prioritized.
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Re: Episode 643: Robert Bean, R.E.T., P.L. (Eng.) - The Edifice Complex, IAQ, HVAC, Building Science & COVID

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Wow, we had active chat activity today.
Ed, I don't understand the disconnect that some people have with microbial resistance to disinfection. As enveloped viruses such as Covid are the easiest organisms to inactivate, isn't it logical that a disinfection method (UV) that will kill a tough to kill organisms such as tuberculosis would kill an enveloped virus?
Scott, I agree that sales of UV lights are financially and fear driven. UV light is destructive to plastics, electrical wiring and other HVAC system components. UV can react with materials to cause odors. See this link.
https://toolklean.com/pages/root-cause- ... sinfection
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