Episode 651: Kishor Khankari, Ph.D. FASHRAE - Computational Fluid Dynamics & Indoor Environmental Quality

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Episode 651: Kishor Khankari, Ph.D. FASHRAE - Computational Fluid Dynamics & Indoor Environmental Quality

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12:05:00 From cliff zlotnik : name the scientific subdiscipline that studies the motion of air TRIVIA
12:05:01 From Bruce White : meteorology?
12:05:26 From cliff zlotnik : sorry Bruce incorrect
12:06:35 From Neil Zimmerman : aerodynamics
12:06:52 From cliff zlotnik : correct neil. please send your contact info!
12:21:49 From Ed Light : Hi, Kishor, CFD has been a very important part of COVID response in helping us understand exposure in relation to different ventilation scenarios. A missing component in ASHRAE's use of this data has been lack of attention to the epidemiology which could be used to see the actual transmission of COVID between occupants under different HVAC set ups which has actually occurred over the last two years. Is anyone working on this?
12:34:10 From Greg James : Additionally, the density and size of the particles in smoke does not always mimic that of the contaminants.
12:37:50 From Radio Joe : These are tools in the toolbox smoke has its place CFD has its place
12:51:15 From Robert Bean : Great presentation Kishor...re: design professionals...my research suggest less than 1.5% of design professionals can do a Standard 55 compliance test...you're right...after the fact is too late...
12:54:48 From Jim Newman : Well said as always, Kishor.
12:57:30 From Robert Bean : Lord give me another 100 years so I can learn to do what Kishor does
12:59:50 From Jim Newman : another thought is that good IAQ and healthy people are more productive
13:01:19 From Michael Garner : Awesome information!!
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Re: Episode 651: Kishor Khankari, Ph.D. FASHRAE - Computational Fluid Dynamics & Indoor Environmental Quality

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Great show today with the energetic, positive and intelligent Kishor Khankari, PhD. His enthusiasm is contagious and he explained a complex topic in an easy to understand manner.

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Re: Episode 651: Kishor Khankari, Ph.D. FASHRAE - Computational Fluid Dynamics & Indoor Environmental Quality

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What is CFD and how does it work? (CFD) is the process of using mathematically modeling of a physical phenomenon involving fluid flow and solving it numerically using the computational prowess. CFD is based on the laws of physics. I've seen the Dyson vacuum commercials with the CAD 3D drawings and never knew that the highly efficient device was designed using CFD. Who knew that CFD is used to improve vehicle mileage, make vehicles quieter, design heart valves and much, much more?

Out of sight, out of mind. We can’t see air movement patterns. Indoors, air is the main carrier of both heat and air pollutants. While theatrical smoke and ultrasonic water mist behave differently than airborne particles...the ability to see airflows and what is going on makes a huge impact and often an aha moment for doubters.

“Aerodynamic containment”, what a difference an added supply and return made in infection prevention. Plexiglass barriers stop droplets and create undesirable turbulence.

CFD adds little to the design cost and affords big savings on people cost.

The thermal comfort dilemma. Unless people complain, thermal comfort problems don’t get fixed. ASHRAE Standard 55 specifies conditions for acceptable thermal environments and is intended for use in design, operation, and commissioning of buildings and other occupied spaces.

Compassionate design. By designing buildings as though they will be occupied by their designers' families, will result in better designed buildings.

Other nuggets from Dr. Khankari:
Buildings are for the people.
Clean air is a fundamental human right.
In the dark, a flashlight can show the way. A flashlight is not a GPS.
Be a good engineer first and then be a good engineer who uses CFD!
The physics don’t lie.
No CFD simulation is 100% complete.
Learn from each project and implement the lessons learned in each future project.
CFD is a tool like a thermometer, it doesn’t cure you it does tell you if you are sick or not?
Passionate about health, comfort and human well being.
Buildings should help
Buildings are for the people
Do everything to improve: comfort and IEQ.
Put compassion into the system.

Educate everyone: the designers, architects, engineers, contractors, workmen and the occupants.
Don’t take IEQ for granted. Demand it. Then demand proof they’ve done it?

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Name the scientific subdiscipline that studies the motion of air?
Answer: aerodynamics
Answered by: Neil Zimmerman Glendale, WI
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