Episode 654: Lapotaire, Downey, Isaacson, Larsen - Highlights from “THE Florida Mold Conference!”

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Episode 654: Lapotaire, Downey, Isaacson, Larsen - Highlights from “THE Florida Mold Conference!”

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11:58:50 From Victor Cafaro : Good Day everyone
12:06:54 From cliff zlotnik : trivia: name the genus of mold historically considered to be closely related to the genus Stachbotrys chartarum is in because the spores are produced in slimy heands rather than dry ones
12:08:22 From Tom Flood : Why so many assessors?
12:09:41 From Tom Flood : Fusarium
12:10:10 From Jon Isaacson : Tom - I'd say 60/40 assessors to remediators. In FL they need 14 CEU's every 2 years. AEML is the sponsor so a lot of the assessors come through their top notch lab and attend the event.
12:11:01 From Pete Consigli : Tom Flood: Assessors need 14 CEU's through the Florida DPBR to maintain their liscence! Pete
12:11:55 From Mike McGuinness : Memnoniella is the amswer
12:12:08 From Radio Joe : Well
12:12:22 From Radio Joe : done Mike I would not expect anything less
12:12:51 From Mike McGuinness : thanks buddy
12:24:16 From cliff zlotnik : correct Mike, please send me your contact info!
12:30:14 From Mike McGuinness : interesting to note that Bob the concrete guy said that changing concrete formulas in the 80's resulted in poor performance and significant building failures today like the collapsed condo in Miami. Don't buy one built in the 80's...
12:34:40 From EVELYN : To John’s point, I prefer higher energy bills vs higher medical/healthcare bills.
12:34:59 From cliff zlotnik : agreed
12:35:12 From Pete Consigli : Thank You everyone for calling in!
12:38:59 From Pete Consigli : Ralph's Research article in the CIRI Journal and his article published in CLM magazine on duration will be part of the post Winter Break proceedings sent to the WB conference delegates.
12:44:11 From Pete Consigli : Concrete Bob Higgins has a 3 page Citation handout to support every claim he made from the podium! That document will be part of the conference proceedings too.
12:48:22 From Pete Consigli : A big Mahalo shout out to my buddy Jason P. from the Aloha state. Jason won the MEGA Grand Prize at 8:35am on Saturday January 28th, the brand new Particles Plus 8303 Particle Counter worth $2700+ retail! Congratulations Jason!!
12:48:59 From Bruce White : Way to go Jason!!!
12:52:39 From Pete Consigli : Jersey Boy gave the first hands on mold class in the industry at MEHRC in Philly in the late 90's and the Z-mand and Watchdog were in the room. SO where many of the most prominent instructors and mold trainers in the industry! nuff said, there!
12:53:57 From Pete Consigli : Radio Joe, you might also put a link to the other Moisture Mob shows in the blog if they were a speaker on the WB program, Like the Two Bobs!
12:57:01 From Pete Consigli : Dr Alice's talk was "Smoke the new Mold" for industry assessors!
12:59:39 From Pete Consigli : Ken Siders 4 CAT Case Studies was Fabulous!!
13:00:06 From Pete Consigli : It was one of the few presentations I was able to sit through most of it!!
13:01:07 From Pete Consigli : Dr Moon's ATP paper from the Journal will be part of the conference proceedings.
13:06:25 From Jason Princenthal : Great seeing everyone at the conference
13:06:49 From John Lapotaire : Great Conference and Great Radio Show!!!
13:08:54 From Radio Joe : thanks John
13:09:12 From Mike McGuinness : what about my prize?
13:09:28 From Radio Joe : I have a prize for you Mike!
13:12:39 From Mike McGuinness : awesome food
13:13:11 From Jason Princenthal : I’m counting particles wopner at 4 rainman 😎👍 great show joe and cliff
13:13:37 From Pete Consigli : I LOVE YOU TOO JERSEY BOY!
13:14:03 From Pete Consigli : Great job on your career Stupid Stuff presentation!
13:14:38 From Michael Miles : Thanks everyone. Always great information.
13:15:01 From Pete Consigli : Thanks Mike Miles!
13:15:29 From Radio Joe : thanks to all
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Re: Episode 654: Lapotaire, Downey, Isaacson, Larsen - Highlights from “THE Florida Mold Conference!”

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Great job by today's panel. Its great to be able to get some of the key points from the AEML Winter Break. Many of the speakers have been guests on IAQ Radio and today's show had a bunch of teasers that will hopefully get folks to go through the "moisture mob" series in the IAQ Radio+ archives.

Great job Pete and congratulations on what was a resounding success!
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