Episode 657: Patricia L Harman -Journalist’s Perspective on the Evolution of the Insurance Property Restoration Industry

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Episode 657: Patricia L Harman -Journalist’s Perspective on the Evolution of the Insurance Property Restoration Industry

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12:03:29 From cliff zlotnik : Trivia: Here is today’s IAQradio trivia question: Other than writing what do Robert Frost, Eugene O’Neil and Robert Sherwood have in common?
12:04:46 From John Pletcher : They all won a Nobel Prize
12:05:06 From cliff zlotnik : sorry incooreect
12:07:25 From Bruce White : All wrote poetry?
12:07:51 From cliff zlotnik : sorry incorrect
12:07:53 From Victor Cafaro : Pulitzer Prize
12:17:46 From Tom Martin : Why aren’t they looking for assessors that are inspecting indoor environments for microbes before restoration contractors?
12:24:58 From Tom Flood : How open are insurance companies to use pricing not in exactomate?
12:26:18 From Tom Flood : Insurance companies red line out some mold treatments. Any idea how to fight that
12:29:49 From cliff zlotnik : Tom Flood, et al- insurance companies often pay for processes found in industry standards
12:30:23 From Michael Miles : Are we ( small businesses) not protected in the cloud when using systems like Xactimate , financial cloud based systems , etc ( we do pay for it so is this data protected).......
12:30:37 From cliff zlotnik : and less likely to pay for oddball unconventional processes
12:32:33 From Tom Martin : Most contractors are NOT trained to measure for indoor VOCs, CO2, PM 2,5 and other early signs of environmental impact.. The cleaning chemicals alone are off gassing a lot of folks like me with life long asthma and kidney injury problems (College/Pro Football injury). Based from my recent experience performing wet space inspections in the villages retirement community in florida and parts of Orlando. The VA and VA medical doctors are requiring “contractors submit written practices” and “SDS Sheets” before they begin to Remodel/Remediation begins.. As you may know, SAFE and Healthy IAQ standards prevent asthma attacks and other lung and kidney healthcare events so the rising healthcare lung and kidney events would be addressed to help reduce medicare and medicaid as well as other private insurance claims for treatment and prescriptions..
12:35:24 From John Pletcher : Is Patti still working with IICRC on editing Standards?
12:37:20 From cliff zlotnik : sensitive clients have different service requirements
12:38:52 From Tom Martin : In order to succeed at all to protect US citizens, Insurance and Government leaders must begin to align contractor written practices and delivery to protect Americans with Disabilities. The time for tinkering is over. Everyone must work together to end Disability Discrimination & Harassment! Ask me more I am set up with “3 labs” performing healthy building investigations and home inspections in the wet space!
12:39:33 From Michael Miles : TPA's have worked with insurers at every level and aspect of the mammoth industry for a century........the biggest concern for TPA's today is the IoT and tech coming - will they be needed and is their worth as a "TPA" (middle entity) as a legal recourse continue?
12:39:53 From Tom Martin : You can’t manage what you don’t measure!
12:57:49 From Tom Martin : Anyone other than me attending the GreenTech special event in Johnson City “Certified Environmental Allergen Assessor”
12:58:55 From Radio Joe : First I have heard of it Tom
13:00:12 From Michael Miles : That , and a car is in your shop and has no feelings!!! Volume volume volume in collision today........
13:00:44 From scott armour : Tom, I never heard of such a certification? This is a real thing now?
13:01:46 From Tom Martin : Sampling and inspection training would be a good start for Contractors and Insurance companies to understand how indoor assessments can prevent indoor occupant health events and help property owners hedge early signs of environmental impact and save money..
13:02:04 From scott armour : tom, do you have a link? I found only a bad link to that course
13:02:06 From scott armour : ACAC?
13:02:25 From Tom Martin : ITs on NORMI.org website
13:03:14 From Tom Martin : Thank you thank you!
13:03:53 From Victor Cafaro : Good day everyone
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Re: Episode 657: Patricia L Harman -Journalist’s Perspective on the Evolution of the Insurance Property Restoration Indu

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Always great to talk to Patti Harman! Her knowledge and journalists approach to coverage of the property restoration industry and now a wider range of insurance issues makes her a rare person. Always a pro with great incites for our audience thank you Patti!

I look forward to Cliff's blog.
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Re: Episode 657: Patricia L Harman -Journalist’s Perspective on the Evolution of the Insurance Property Restoration Indu

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Great guest and great audience participation.

Patti is a talented communications professional who fielded today's questions like some former Whitehouse Press Secretaries.

For Tom Martin and those interested in chemical and mold sensitivities. My experience is that home owners who are closed minded and make their own diagnosis as to what in their environment is making them ill often get it wrong while open minded home owners who along with their assessor & remediator consider (chemical, biological and particulate)or a combination of them will find what's wrong and more often than not find a solution for it. There is no guarantee that an environmentally sensitized person will be able to reoccupy their home after remediation.

Our industry is full "certified experts", with no practical experience, that take a 2 day courses, put designation abbreviations letters after their surname, buy some testing equipment, hang a shingle on the internet, and charge unwary clients for services that they are inexperienced and untrained to provide.

https://www.events.normi.org/ncrsi Link to course that Tom Martin mentioned

For those interested in learning more about chemical and mold sensitivities IAQradio has done a number of shows on "multi chemical sensitivity" AKA "MCS"
You can google search for IAQradio and ____ (Here are some names: Steve Temes, Ritchie Shoemaker, J. David Miller, Christine Oliver, Jay Portnoy, Alison Johnson, Lauren Tessier, Arnold Mann, Sharon Kramer, Jeff May)

Z-Man signing off
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