Episode 659: Don Fugler - IEQ Pioneers

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Episode 659: Don Fugler - IEQ Pioneers

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Show Resources: Show Discussion:

11:56:56 From John Long : I Have a question are there any past shows on EMF
11:58:30 From Ya Gotta Have Faith : https://www.iaqradio.com/sal-la-duca-en ... ss-issues/
11:58:46 From John Long : Thank You
12:07:13 From cliff zlotnik : trivia-name the American who patented a method for counting and sizing microscopic particles suspended in a fluid?
12:08:02 From Donald Weekes : Wallace H. Coulter
12:08:36 From cliff zlotnik : correct don- please send your contact info
12:14:08 From Danny Gough’s iPad : I still have one of those steam powered Retrotec blower doors and the National Geographic Energy edition featuring Princeton Energy Group.
12:36:00 From kevin@homeperformancestrategies.net : The hygrometer check is a great home-science program
12:45:32 From Danny Gough’s iPad : Ask Don about his work on household dust and bedding contribution.
12:47:14 From Tom Phillips, Davis, CA : when I drafted the IAQ guideline for combustion pollutants for CARB, I relied heavily on CHMC research. In response, The Gas Research Institute said backdrating did not occur. SoCal Gas called our executive office and sent their lobbyist and 5 lawyers to meet with us
12:48:02 From anniijima : We were in the last ROCIS cohort - fabulous program!
12:49:55 From Danny Gough’s iPad : That’s it, the duvet. In a Affordable Comfort presentation on dust.
12:50:38 From Danny Gough’s iPad : I remember it because before Don mentioned it, I had no clue what a duvet was.
12:51:18 From Tom Phillips, Davis, CA : ... to backup my guideline recommendations, I gave them a 3 ft high stack of CMHC Research reports. So we never heard back from SoCal Gas... The guideline became very popular with weatherization programs around the US.
12:51:22 From kevin@homeperformancestrategies.net : Yes, grateful ROCIS cohort member - ROCIS Rocks IAQ communication
12:52:21 From David Miller : The US Federal department of Indian health in Alaska as done work on indicators and IAQ.
12:53:13 From Danny Gough’s iPad : The duvet…..
12:54:03 From Danny Gough’s iPad : I added it to my vocabulary after Don used the word. We do quilts in the south.
12:54:44 From David Miller : allergy docs do not ignore beds....
12:55:45 From The Answer Man : Thank you Don!
12:56:10 From kevin@homeperformancestrategies.net : Hygrometer test w salt NH-18-24-1-2009-eng
13:03:18 From kevin@homeperformancestrategies.net : Thank you Don & IAQ Radio team
13:03:52 From Donald Weekes : Great show, thanks to IAQ Radio hosts and Don Fugler!
13:06:08 From kevin@homeperformancestrategies.net : Yes, cooking oil particles limited pancake days, need a kitchen C-R box!
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Re: Episode 659: Don Fugler - IEQ Pioneers

Post by CliffZ »

Don Fugler is a very smart guy who has had a very interesting career and the opportunity to study many diverse things.


Mistakes were made after the first energy crisis. Canada was smart enough to study the effects, I don't think the US was.

Combustion over runneth, AKA combustion spillage.

Women going door-to-door are less intimidating then men going door to door.

Hygrometers may be calibrated using saturated solutions of sodium chloride 75% or lithium chloride 9%.

Sad to learn that native Indian kids leaving in overcrowded homes played in attics insulated with asbestos containing vermiculite resulting in mesothelioma 40 years later.

A filter can only filter what goes into it.

Don advicates the common sense use of low cost homemade aircleaners (box fan with filter taped on)

I found it fascinating that the Hoover vacuum cleaner company has been tracking and publishing dust composition descriptions for many years. More plastic is found in modern dust.

Settled dusts emissions peak when disturbed. Down feather duvets emit dust when people roll over in bed. Dust bunnies form under beds because people spend so much time in bed.

Fire retardants from foam mattresses and other plastic are showing up in people’s bodies, what is the pathway? (oral, dermal, inhalation)

Occupant contribution to IAQ and building failure. The Ontario Research Foundation did a comparative study of homes built for highly sensitized people and found that these new homes had much lower emissions than homes built with conventional materials and methods. However, two months later there is no difference in emissions.

The worst occupants will destroy the best house. Ain't that the truth!!!

Don's study and experimentation on 80 row houses built a contaminated landfill. Found that sub slab “radon mitigation type” ventilation effectively mitigated the contamination (soil gases, explosive gases, leaking underground storage tanks,

Rocsis has learned, that occupants need to be engaged and see the difference e.g. what happens when they cook with a vented range hood, clean, vacuum, install air cleaner, etc. Occupants lose interest when they can’t visualize what is going on.

Submicron size particles which were too small to previously be measured will be important in the future.

Z-Man signing off.
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Re: Episode 659: Don Fugler - IEQ Pioneers

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Great episode with a great guy and industry pioneer Don Fugler, You never know until its done how these shows will go, Our Founding Fathers/Pioneers and Legends shows have been classics. Today was no exception.

I have been wondering about references for claims that hard flooring is easier to clean than carpets for years. I hear it a lot but rarely see a resource noted. I am guessing CMHC research is where some would point. I think its more complicated than even industry and company leaders realize.

I was impressed by how much vacuuming a hard surface picks up. Even more impressed with how much broom sweeping picked up.

Also fascinating to hear about modern day vacuum heads being much better designed to avoid recirculating particulate and good to hear.

There were many other key points that I am sure Cliff will capture in his blog.
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