Episode 679: Serene Al-Momen, PhD - CEO of Senseware - Sensors, IoT and IAQ; Putting the Pieces Together

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Episode 679: Serene Al-Momen, PhD - CEO of Senseware - Sensors, IoT and IAQ; Putting the Pieces Together

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12:03:25 From Ralph Froehlich : 80 M
12:03:41 From Jonathan Faith : incorrect Ralph
12:03:45 From Doug’s iPad : 21.5 billion
12:04:17 From Josh Winton : 250 mil
12:04:26 From Victor Cafaro : Too many 17+ million
12:04:32 From Doug’s iPad : 13.1 Billion
12:04:51 From Ralph Froehlich : 1.1 Billion
12:05:55 From Jonathan Faith : I think we're going to give this one to Doug!
12:06:12 From Jonathan Faith : it's an est, from 13-18 Billion!
12:06:15 From Josh Winton : Go Doug!
12:06:43 From Josh Winton : That’s a fascinating number! Especially given the lack of adoption by so many still.
12:10:44 From Doug’s iPad : Thanks Guys!
12:11:47 From Josh Winton : Senseware does have a great platform, for anyone that is unfamiliar with them.
12:14:56 From Ralph Froehlich : What parameters are being monitored? Are the sensors calibrated?
12:18:57 From RickS : No drift? Are you using the sensor manufacturers' claims, or are you testing performance yourself?
12:23:41 From Linda Wigington : What is the sensitivity of your particle sensors? (0.1 um?)
12:27:15 From Donald Weekes : In January of 2021, the California Division of the State Architect issued Bulletin IR N-2 stating that “As of January 1, 2021, all existing classrooms must be equipped with a carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring device meeting all of Section 1625.”
12:29:46 From Donald Weekes : Maryland law is in Committee for now. https://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/ ... ?ys=2022RS
12:30:06 From Donald Weekes : Establishing the Safe School Indoor Air Program in the Maryland Department of the Environment to improve indoor air quality in public school classrooms; requiring the Department, in consultation with the Maryland State Department of Education, to administer the Program; requiring public schools to monitor carbon dioxide levels in each classroom in a school at least twice each school year; requiring certain remediation measures; and requiring each county board of education to develop a certain policy and implementation plan.
12:37:31 From Josh Winton : Is there any predictive analysis built in to Senseware? System review of trends, etc.
12:39:57 From Ed Light : While we find T/RH/CO2 sensors in Building Automation very helpful, tracking VOCs and Particulate are misleading. Criteria used have not been shown to be associated with actual occupant health. Measured concentrations are highly variable, associated with a wide variety of factors, and cannot be used to evaluate ventilation. These limitations are now a great concern in relation to COVID, where contaminant tracking is being increasingly being utilized as a "solution." There are much better ways to assess and track building IAQ and its relation to health (i.e., see the publication I co-authored Building Air Quality (EPA/Niosh).
12:47:00 From Josh Winton : 👏
12:48:30 From Ralph Froehlich : If incorrect sensors are selected to provide data, then predictive analyses will probably not be effective in improving occupant health. Garbage in, garbage out!
12:48:51 From Josh Winton : Well yeah, that’s obvious, Ralph.
12:49:55 From Josh Winton : From what Serene said and their team has communicated in the past - they aim for higher accuracy and reliable sensors.
12:50:43 From Ralph Froehlich : So what type of air quality sensor data is most related to indoor air quality? 20 experts may produce conflicting recommendations.
12:51:12 From Josh Winton : 100% agree.
12:52:14 From Ralph Froehlich : This should be a presentation on IAQ Radio - air contaminants of concern for IAQ.
12:55:22 From Josh Winton : Keep in mind, we have factors that may have adverse health effects, as well as those that are a nuisance.
12:55:55 From Josh Winton : A complaint of indoor air and a corresponding increase in VOCs may help IEPs look in the right direction.
13:05:56 From Victor Cafaro : Happy Halloween
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Re: Episode 679: Serene Al-Momen, PhD - CEO of Senseaware - Sensors, IoT and IAQ; Putting the Pieces Together

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Very good interview with Dr. Al-Momen this week. It's interesting how it sometimes takes an outsiders perspective to see how we can improve our IAQ. Serene and her company are taking what we have and making it work better by tying it all together using IoT to help solve problems. Tying the sensors together with the building management systems is the next step. Thanks for joining us!!
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