Episode 688: Pete Consigli,Cliff Zlotnik,Jon Isaacson & FOP’s The Andy Äsk Building Science Symposium

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Episode 688: Pete Consigli,Cliff Zlotnik,Jon Isaacson & FOP’s The Andy Äsk Building Science Symposium

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12:03:47 From John Lapotaire : The zeroth law
12:04:06 From Don Weekes : 2nd law of thermodynamics
12:07:03 From Radio Joe : I will have to get Cliff
12:07:56 From Radio Joe : to give us his answer. Seems like John could be correct
12:08:30 From John Lapotaire : 👍🏼
12:09:07 From John Lapotaire : The zeroth law of thermodynamics defines thermal equilibrium and forms a basis for the definition of temperature: If two systems are each in thermal equilibrium with a third system, then they are in thermal equilibrium with each other.
12:09:38 From Radio Joe : Winner great to have you back live John!!
12:09:51 From John Lapotaire : Great to be alive
12:10:15 From Radio Joe : Life is good most of the time. LOL
12:12:13 From Jonathan Faith : who's phil Donahue? :P
12:17:11 From Radio Joe : This is great always nice to get Andyh
12:17:28 From Radio Joe : Always nice to get Andy
12:17:43 From Radio Joe : Andy's thoughts Geez
12:19:22 From Danny Gough’s iPad : As some unnamed fellar recently said, “failure has made me the man I am today.”
12:20:19 From Danny Gough’s iPad : Joe L told me he used to sleep in his car.
12:21:25 From Radio Joe : Great advice
12:22:07 From Pete Consigli : Answer to Jon Faith's Question: Phil is married to Marlo Thomas (Danny Thomas's daughter) he started the Saint Luke's cancer hospital for children. Phil had a daytime TV show that competed with Oprah years ago and was famous for wandering in the audience with a wireless hand held mic to interact with the guests. It was a legendary day time TV show. The term, "Donahue Mic" is anyone who wanders the audience moderating the interaction during a Q&A session on a conference program.
12:24:51 From Jonathan Faith : Thanks Pete, I was half joking. I do remember vaguely as a kid as the guy with white hair who ran around. didn't know all that about him
12:27:05 From Danny Gough’s iPad : John Tooley ended up in NC with Advanced Energy and developed an amazing training program called Duct School. Trained hundreds of contractors.
12:30:59 From Jack Springston : Hey Pete!
12:35:38 From Pete Consigli : See you at Summer Camp Jack!
12:35:52 From Jack Springston : Absolutely
12:41:47 From Danny Gough’s iPad : Here’s an ACCA article explaining John and Neal’s MAD Air research. https://hvac-blog.acca.org/little-history-mad-air/
12:44:09 From Radio Joe : Thanks much appreciated we can put it in the blog
13:13:49 From Danny Gough’s iPad : I still struggle for cash.
13:19:57 From John Lapotaire : My Pleasure
13:22:26 From Lukas Jenkins : The Nutcracker!!!!
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Re: Episode 688: Pete Consigli,Cliff Zlotnik,Jon Isaacson & FOP’s The Andy Äsk Building Science Symposium

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I had the easy job this week. Pete and Cliff did the heavy lifting this week along with the DYOJO's Jon Isaacson. It's always a pleasure to chat with Andy Ask and get his perspective on building science, HVAC and his favorite organization ASHRAE.

One statement that got my attention was brought up during the show. There is never a bad time to ask for payment!!
As a small contractor I appreciate that sentiment. One of the toughest things about contracting is making sure you get paid. We have been VERY successful in that respect by following the advice of our peers.

Hopefully as I get my back better and better I will be able to travel to a few select events again in the future. Along with Summer Camp, The Winter Break series of events (Lauderdale one year and Naples the next) will be one I plan to make sure is on the calendar. You should too!

Radio Joe
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