Episode 692: John Lapotaire - New Mold Assessment Standard, Hurricane Recovery, Spray Foam & More

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Episode 692: John Lapotaire - New Mold Assessment Standard, Hurricane Recovery, Spray Foam & More

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12:23:15 From Jeff Charlton : Health impact clearance for CIRS type occupants cant be cleared by visible clearance of sub micron fragments. Only PCR and even just particle counts?
12:23:45 From Jeff Charlton : Are you saying mould is only a visible hazard?
12:25:22 From Remmie Arnold : How do you find qualified IEP people in your state to consult and assess?
12:26:37 From Tom Martin III : Folks with asthma are suffering in schools and workplaces because of minimum standards..
12:28:42 From Lukas Jenkins : Fungi + bacteria culturable swab of HVAC cooling coil, drain pan? Levels tell a story and indicate when cleaning is needed that you don’t see visually.
12:29:26 From Tom Martin III : Do you have asthma or kids with asthma ?? Carbon dioxide attacks my nervous system ???
12:35:48 From John Lapotaire : Tom. I have asthma and so does m
12:36:58 From John Lapotaire : my brother
12:40:09 From Rick Garrido : the change is the senate 2b bill which doesn’t really help the AOB
12:43:17 From Jeff Bradley : Comment - at IAQA conference last week in Austin heated debate on a manufacturer backed by MD backed by remediation company pushing additional treatment and testing for mycotoxins on QA - claims newer technology quantifying mycotoxin but in reality PCR.
12:45:09 From Jeff Bradley : Also we've never liked the ERMI testing but just recently in October 2022 stated " Should I test or sample for mold in my home using the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index, or ERMI?"
No. The Environmental Relative Moldiness Index, or ERMI, developed by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency researchers, is a research tool and is not recommended for use except as a research tool.
12:45:48 From Jeff Bradley : I think many doctors push ERMI b/c 90% will show high elevation scores validating customers mold concern and continuous treatment
12:48:37 From Jeff Bradley : the best comment at the conference was member in the audience stating "my body is working great as I'm able to excrete mycotoxins at a fast rate and high concentration" different perspective
12:48:49 From Danny Gough : Ask John about pulling return air for HVAC from a foam encapsulated attic. AND what is the outlook for whole house dehumidifiers.
12:50:40 From Jeff Bradley : what is the current pulse on spray foam particulates (dust) in attic and HVAC containing fire retardants - I see the this being a remediation effort versus general vacuuming thoughts?
12:51:50 From Jeff Bradley : How long do you see isocyantes lasting in the air - EMSL Scott V / Vince suggest rarely detected after a few days. The reason I mention this is that its a very expensive test for the consumer and take a while to get the results
13:00:31 From Jeff Bradley : In California they are near mandating filtration of outside air with ERV due to wildfires and pollution
13:01:47 From Danny Gough : To Jeff Bradley, Also reduces risk of mold in the core.
13:02:03 From Remmie Arnold : how to contact john
13:02:21 From John Lapotaire : john at floridaIAQ dot com
13:02:30 From Victor Cafaro : Great show
Good day to everyone
13:02:51 From Remmie Arnold : ggo dshow
13:03:03 From Danny Gough : Thanks Gentlemen
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Re: Episode 692: John Lapotaire - New Mold Assessment Standard, Hurricane Recovery, Spray Foam & More

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Always informative. John has been my go to "in the field" guest for many years now. He answers every question and pulls no punches. He also volunteers numerous hours to industry associations writing standards, managing organizations and doing his best to make this a better industry.

This week we focused on the new IICRC S530 Mold Assessment Standard. Do we really need it? Why? What about ASTM's standard and much more. Toward the end we also discuss tight house IEQ issues and his vast experience dealing with spray foam issues. Great practical tips for those in the field.

Thanks John!!
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