Episode 702: Jason Lee - Vice President of Sales, Client Solutions at ByoPlanet - IEQ & Building Service Contractors

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Episode 702: Jason Lee - Vice President of Sales, Client Solutions at ByoPlanet - IEQ & Building Service Contractors

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12:03:50 From cliff zlotnik : TRIVIA- What is the subject matter of US patent# 2,247,963
12:07:00 From Don Weekes : Tesla battery
12:07:16 From cliff zlotnik : sorry incorrect
12:07:46 From Tom Martin III : Corrugated Fiberboard Container used in packaging and shipping .
12:09:43 From cliff zlotnik : sorry incorrect
12:15:34 From Lukas Jenkins : Size of droplets?
12:15:56 From Tom Martin III : The products sounds interesting for Athletic Trainers do they have any plans to certify products with aafa.org, etc
12:17:40 From Tom Martin III : 👍
12:18:14 From SUSAN VALENTI : I have contacts there!
12:18:54 From Tom Martin III : My assessor business is certified with aafa.org
12:23:44 From Tom Martin III : ISSA sets the benchmark for cleaning.
12:48:14 From Tom Martin III : I monitor top IAQ parameters and use electrolyzed water, sodium dichloroisocyanurate and Peracetic Acid with hydrogen peroxide to disinfect surfaces in my home ..
12:50:34 From Tom Martin III : including sanitizing ppm levels for air .. kills 99.999% of bacteria
12:53:22 From cliff zlotnik : Tom, the active ingredients in the products you are using are harsh. I would suggest you research and consider using a hypochlorous acid based product.
12:56:10 From Tom Martin III : Cliff
People with asthma and allergies react to different change in air smells.
12:59:32 From Tom Martin III : The exact cause of asthma is believed to result from a combination of generic and environmental factors.
13:00:21 From cliff zlotnik : Tom, Understood. The hypochlorous acid products are available in different forms and a sanitizer with 99.9%.
13:00:27 From Tom Martin III : I am always looking for the best check out EvaClean.com
13:00:56 From Tom Martin III : https://www.evaclean.com/products/purone
13:01:27 From cliff zlotnik : Tom, I.m familiar with EvaClean, Have you tried it? Your experiences with it?
13:01:38 From Tom Martin III : Love it
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Re: Episode 702: Jason Lee - Vice President of Sales, Client Solutions at ByoPlanet - IEQ & Building Service Contractors

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Show Number: 702 DRAFT BLOG

Jason Lee
Vice President of Sales, Client Solutions at ByoPlanet
IEQ & Building Service Contractors

This week we welcomed Jason Lee Vice President of Sales, Client Solutions at ByoPlanet. Jason has spent many years in a variety of building services positions and was thrust into learning about IEQ early in his career. His early focus was on continuous improvement starting in the military and leading to his position today. In these roles he has worked with numerous large school districts, colleges and Fortune 500 companies helping ensure good IEQ for their occupants and employees. His unique perspective is interest to the IAQ Radio+ audience.

Jason grew up in Michigan enjoying the four seasons and following all the local sport teams. After attending Eastern Michigan University, he enlisted in the United States Army stationed in Washington D.C. During his service he became a “Lean Six Sigma” overseeing projects to ensure operational continuity during the downsizing of our nation’s military in the 1990’s.

In 2003, Jason’s passion for continuous improvement led him to the construction and built environment sector where he become one of the world’s first “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” (LEED AP O&M). Serving as a resident expert for Building Service Contractors for the past 15 years, Jason has spearheaded Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) initiatives for Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions throughout the U.S.

Today Jason is the VP of Sales and Client Solutions for ByoPlanet headquartered in Athens, Georgia. ByoPlanet consults with customers across the world to implement technologies that deliver safer and healthier indoor air quality and surface disinfection methods.
In his spare time Jason volunteers in his community and stays active outdoors. Camping, participating in mud runs, attending sporting events and travelling to bucket list destinations. To this day, Jason remains a pure optimist truly believing his hometown Detroit Lions will win the next Super Bowl; repeatedly.

Nuggets mined from today’s episode:

When did you first become interested in IEQ? Jason is a Native American and member of the Chippewa tribe and feels that love for our planet is in his genes. His interest in IEQ was piqued when he read Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring while in elementary school. While working in the construction field in the early 2000s he became LEED Certified and then when drafted to work on a project involving lowering VOCs in buildings he became LEED AP Certified.

What are the most important things building owners/operators can do to help with their IEQ? Use air quality monitors to measure before, improve or eliminate found deficiencies, measure after to confirm improvements, and maintain.

Task Force COVID-19 & Other Respiratory Infections: Prevention, Preparedness, Resilience & Recovery Task Force COVID-19 & Other Respiratory Infections: Prevention, Preparedness, Resilience & Recovery International WELL Building Institute (IWBI)-Worked on WELL Building Council’s Covid 19 task force which provided advisory info to the CDC.
• Airborne particles will settle out.
• Products that contain fragrances or have inherent odors keep particles suspended longer.
• Smells adversely affect indoor environmental quality.
• In buildings with better IAQ, suspended particles settle faster.

Tell our audience about your current position and the company ByoPlanet? ByoPLanet is a developer and manufacturer of electrostatic application apparatus and chemistries.
According to Jason:
• ByoPlanet developed superior electrostatic spraying technology based upon induction technology which coats surfaces 360° while competitive technologies do not apply antimicrobials consistently and efficiently.
• ByoPlanet CEO Rick O’Shea pioneered the use of electrostatic disinfection application for Norovirus.

ByoPlanet is also involved in helping with heat stress and performance. What type of service/products are you offering clients in this area? ByoPlanet has a partnership with Merck animal health in the equine marketspace in the areas of biosecurity security prevention standards. ByoPlanet designed and builds electrostatic application apparatus that though evaporative cooling have been shown to reduce the skin and core temperature of horses 8% in seconds.

What is the output of ByoPLanet devices? ByoPlanet electrostatic devices generate 35 million droplets per minute.

Member of the R&D team that developed Tubes in the Wall Taexx pest control process. Tubes and nozzles installed within walls during construction allow pest control treatment to be routinely performed in interstitial cavities through ports located on the building’s exterior.

Tips for restoration contractors-
• Think about, Is it safe?
• Train workers on safety.
• Issue appropriate PPE for the project.
• 3 Step Protocol- Clean, Disinfect, Protect.
• Consider use of antimicrobial barrier coatings to provide longer and more durable protection.
• During COVID electrostatic spraying was event based and reactive. Use your equipment for day-to-day use and for maintenance programs.

Tell the audience about your disaster restoration experience? Jason worked in business development for ATI Restoration, a family-owned (Moore family) California based restoration firm. There was a learning curve, learned technical and compliance requirements through IICRC courses. -Restoration firms don’t prevent catastrophes from happening, restoration firms do effectively reduce the impact of the damage. He worked during Covid, the Texas deep freeze and 4 hurricanes which battered Louisiana.

What do you see building owners doing with respect to wildfire smoke issues?
Change and upgrade HVAC filtration and use source point air cleaners.

How do BSC’s see the mold issue? Mold remediation requires Certification while treating mildew or removing microbial staining does not.

Other comments by Jason:
• ISSA, International Sanitary Supply Association. The association of the Jan/San industry. The ISSA’s -Global BioRisk Advisory Council (GBAC) best practices to protect against infection.
• As Director of Special Services for the Budd Group, Jason used air quality monitoring sensors and point source air cleaners to protect the faculty, staff, students. (https://airboxdirect.com/ air cleaners)Think Light Flair Version 2 and Hawken air sensors (https://www.thinklite.com/flair/) (https://gethawken.com/)
• Faculty Green Seal- teaching IEQ prerequisites Green Seal products, Green Seal GS-42 https://greenseal.org/standards/gs-42-c ... -services/

Current events:
• ByoPlanet is now a subsidiary of DLPL a public company (penny stock). DLPL is seeking more partnerships and acquisitions and hopes to move their listing to the NY stock exchange.

Jason Lee’s final comments:
• There is nothing in scopes of work about IEQ and there should be!
• Protect workers, protect occupants, set health care standards for all.

Z-Man signing off

What is the subject matter of US Patent# 2,247,963?

Answer: Apparatus for spray coating surfaces.

Answered by: Bob Spielvogel, 36 Oakland Road, Brookline, MA 02445-6743
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Re: Episode 702: Jason Lee - Vice President of Sales, Client Solutions at ByoPlanet - IEQ & Building Service Contractors

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Very interesting discussion with Jason Lee. ByoPlanet has some very interesting products and services. Going down the list of topics Building Service Contractors deal with and getting Jason's thoughts on each topic was very interesting to me. It will be very interesting to watch how ByoPlanet moves forward since going public. We will be watching!
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