Episode 716: Paul Donald - CEO Encircle Inc. - Software Integration & Best Practices for Estimates...

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Episode 716: Paul Donald - CEO Encircle Inc. - Software Integration & Best Practices for Estimates...

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12:09:17 From cliff zlotnik : Trivia: Name the author of a 1950 paper who discussed how to build intelligent machines and how to test their intelligence?
12:20:14 From Charles Cassani : Cliiff - ChatGPT indicates: The author you are referring to is likely Alan Turing. In 1950, Alan Turing published a seminal paper titled "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" in the journal Mind. In this paper, Turing introduced the concept of the Turing Test, a method to determine whether a machine exhibits human-like intelligence. He discussed the philosophical implications of machine intelligence and proposed a practical test to assess a machine's ability to display intelligent behavior indistinguishable from that of a human. This paper is considered foundational in the field of artificial intelligence.
12:21:44 From cliff zlotnik : correct charlie congrats
12:22:27 From Charles Cassani : So ChatGPT wins!
12:27:24 From Charles Cassani : Many contractors now have billing departments that proof the documentation before presenting it to the carriers. One of the difficulties of this process is the communications between the PM and the billing department. Ask Paul if he has a suggestion on how to solve or enhance this problem?
12:35:24 From Tom Flood : So example of best videos on your site?
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Re: Episode 716: Paul Donald - CEO Encircle Inc. - Software Integration & Best Practices for Estimates...

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Show Number: 716 draft blog
Paul Donald, CEO
Encircle Inc.
Restoration Documentation and Productivity

Good Day and welcome to IAQ Radio+ episode 716 this week we welcomed Paul Donald, CEO of Encircle Inc. to discuss Restoration Documentation and Productivity.

Paul Donald is the CEO and co-founder of Encircle Inc., the go-to platform for restoration documentation, and enhanced productivity for field teams. Paul has over 25 years of experience as an accomplished entrepreneur and technology executive. His career is focused on building technology to solve productivity issues through real-time sharing of information. Paul co-founded the Encircle app, creating a new standard that defines how property loss information is gathered, assessed, and reported when disaster strikes. Paul is an active mentor, coach, and angel investor in Canada’s innovation district located in Kitchener.

Nuggets mined from today’s episode:

Paul has 30 years of experience in information technology spending a decade at Blackberry and then time at a firm which Google acquired.

How did the restoration industry get on your radar? While at Blackberry, Paul was introduced to financial institutions managing risks. Paul saw a need to capture and make accessible digestible information upon which decisions can be made.
Insurance carriers rely upon service providers to manage risk taking decisions. The challenge for Paul was where to start? In 2012, the first product was an app for the field documentation of contents claims for homeowners.

What is the Encircle app? A field documentation platform. Encircle is an all-in-one platform for field teams. The data the app gathers is legally defensible through timestamps and geo-stamping.

What equipment is necessary to operate and use your app? At first a mobile phone, then a smart phone. Smart phones are ideal because their technology is progressing faster. The app also works on tablets.

What does the app do? Due to the smart phone’s camera aperture with 11 foot span, the app can scan the interior of a home in 3 minutes to create a floorplan. The program also takes photos, videos, and records notes with voice to text. The architecture matches the building.

Who is the app designed for? Personnel working in the field must navigate complex situations. Technicians’ eyes gloss over when they see spreadsheets.

Is Encircle international? Yes, Encircle is supporting clients in Canada, US and Australia.

Is there an age barrier to app users?
The app was designed to be easy to use by older users who have quickly become leading advocates. The voice to text function allows experienced restorers to showcase their knowledge by describing in detail what they see.

Multi user capabilities? It’s common for multiple users to simultaneously use the app on the same project. From doing the takeoff to collecting client signatures on forms and contracts, all with the same app. Link feature allows docs to be signed remotely through emails or directly on the device when on location. The program includes Ed Cross’ documents and contracts.

Will the program work in rural or mountainous geographies with poor cell coverage? The program works both online or offline.

Costs? The app is priced per job as part of a subscription.

Which function of the Encircle app was most costly to develop? The Hydro Program was the most costly component of the app to build and document. The program incorporates info from S-500 Warer Damage Standard. The app educates the workforce. The app develops floorplan and equipment use calculations. The app provides complete flexibility through its note system. Nuances such as odor, weather, a project overview or summation, etc. are addressed through video narrations.

What is your opinion on system integration?
Encircle fought to obtain market share.
Restoration is a complex industry that requires multiple software systems. Paul is a big believer in integration, integration needs to happen. Customers should demand cooperation. “Coopetition”, Encircle is integrated with Xactware, etc. and is working on integration with Corelogic and other products.

Restorers are concerned their investments in technology are being weaponized against them? The Encircle app is transparent and expresses the facts. It is not prone to weaponization.

Artificial intelligence? The genie isn’t going back into the bottle, Ai is here we need systems to leverage Ai. Insurance companies demand accurate defensible data. Ai is driving efficiency.

Other comments by Paul Donald:
• People underestimate the amount of science involved in the disaster restoration industry, particularly the building science.
• Insurance companies are the biggest purchasers of data.
• Insurance companies rely on data to make decisions.
• Data is gold.
• Reporting to get paid.
• Data drives efficiency.
• Right people, right job, work efficiently, generate invoices, get paid.


Pete Consigli- Restoration Industry Global Watchdog

• The general principles of costing systems haven’t changed.
• Pete is a strong advocate for Time and Material pricing. (Verisk and Sedgewick have T&M systems).
• Software integration contributes to the greater good of the industry.
• Industry integration is a slow process.
• Moisture mapping is a tedious process.
• IAQ, restoration, construction and remediation overlap.

Kris Rzenoski, VP of Encircle
• Encircle provides field documentation, communication, speed and transparency which gets restoration contractors paid faster.
• We are in interesting times. Moisture sensors are improving. Drying equipment has built-in sensors and controls. Remote venting, improved logging and documentation is coming.
• There has been a lag in T&M friendly systems. Costs for labor intensive tasks add-up.
• Weaponization of info occurs on both sides.
• Transparency provides insulation against weaponization.
• Kris is excited to support a healthy and vibrant restoration industry.

Paul Donald-
• If it wasn’t documented, it didn’t happen. Encircles validates with time stamps, geo-stamping, etc.
• Restoration contractors are waiting too long to get paid.
• Save the planet, insurance carriers want to reduce waste.
• Understand the workflow. Document the cause of the loss, the resulting damages, what needs to be done and confirm work has been done. Summarize the loss in a 2 minute video. Opportunities to coach-up.
• Significantly reduces time spent documenting. Customizable notes
• Restorers respond to emergencies. Encircle needs to be there to support our clients.
• Standards increase compliance. The app triggers compliance. The app encourages good work habits in the field.
• The 5 year plan for Encircle is to stay within the restoration industry. Encircle is customer focused.
• Remote monitoring integration is coming. Gathering data directly from equipment and sensors reduces human error. Restorers need to invest in technology.
• The Hydro platform is suitable for IAQ as it manages moisture readings.
• Ai will be leveraged. Break out scope T&M for a complete and accurate scope with a final human review prior to submission.

Z-Man signing off

Name the author of a 1950 paper who discussed how to build intelligent machines and how to test their intelligence?

Answered by: Charles Cassani, C/O Restoration Management Company, 4142 Point Eden Way Hayward, CA 94545
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